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I am researcher and lecturer ("enseignant-chercheur") at ENSTA-Bretagne, an engineering school located in Brest, France. I am also member of LabSticc , a major research laboratory in France.

My main research activities are related to Model-based engineering for HW/SW Codesign and Cyber-physical systems (CPS) : modeling, DSL design, transformation, simulation, porting onto real architectures organized around a network of processing elements like RISC processors, FPGAs, multicores, sensors and actuators. All these topics have no meaning without another keyword : Models of Computation (MoCs). As Wikipedia explains : in model-driven engineering, the model of computation explains how the behaviour of the whole system is the result of the behaviour of each of its components.

I am involved in many concrete designs in the field of multimedia, communication and robotics, that ensure that my research is still rooted in the ground.

I spent 10 years as IC Design Engineer for Thomson R & D France (now Technicolor) and I am cofounder of Modaë Technologies, that delivered a high-level modeling, simulation and synthesis framework for FPGAs starting from Python and Ruby DSLs, as a possible alternative to Matlab/Simulink. Modaë was awarded twice by the French Ministry of Research and OSEO (now Bpi France).


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